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Dark Repulser is a one handed sword created by Lisbeth out of a Crystallite Ingot, obtained from a special quest, and made for Kirito. Whenever Kirito uses the skill Dual Blades, he wields it alongside Elucidator. Dark Repulser is an aqua-colored. Its grip is a darker color than the rest of the blade and is completely straight. It leads up to a hilt that is exactly perpendicular to the grip and is designed to look like a pair of conjoined dagger blades. At the centre of the guard is a large aquamarine gem. The blade itself is a deep aqua color, the base of the blade has a light-aqua attachment that causes the blade to have a natural indentation when one traces its length due to the angle that the attachment bends at.



Overall Length: 39inches (100cm)

Blade Material: 1065 Carbon Steel

Faux Leather sheath

This is a Replica of the sword in the anime Sword Art on Line, and is not a Licensed Product.

SWORD ART ON LINE - Kirito's Sword Dark Repulser

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