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The TV show "Supernatural" is a very popular show and there are some iconic items in it. One of which is  Ruby's Knife - The Demon Dagger.

The Demon-Killing Knife, or most commonly known as Ruby's Knife, is an ancient knife that was created by the Kurds which possesses the power to permanently kill most demons, hellhounds, and other demonic entities.

Though it somehow came into the possession of Ruby, it eventually passes onto Sam and Dean Winchester, who use it as their most common means of killing demons.



CODE: WS9018

Overall Length: 31cm

Blade Material: Stainless Steel 

Handle: Resin Cast

Wooden Stand


    • You must be over 18 years to purchase sword, knife, dagger or axe.

    • Please be aware of your compliance with local and state laws to legally purchase sword, knife, dagger or axe.

    • We will not be responsible for any consequences of non-compliance.

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