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The Colt is a legendary supernatural revolver, originally created by Samuel Colt, which has the ability to kill almost anything in existence regardless of supernatural invulnerability.

The Colt originally possessed thirteen bullets (each individually numbered) which were all used up, and new bullets retaining the gun's supernatural-killing power were afterwards made for it.

The Colt was designed to be capable of killing anything, including supernatural entities which are usually very difficult to destroy.

When supernatural bullets made specifically for the Colt were fired from the gun, any targeted supernatural being that the bullet mortally hit would swiftly perish with a flash of internal supernatural energy. However, like with most supernatural-killingweapons, the bullet would have to hit a vital part of the target's body in order to be fatal, and a shot that would be conventionally non-fatal to a human (such as one to the leg) will simply injure and weaken the shot entity. (Devil's Trap)

The Colt has proven to be capable of killing many different kinds of supernatural creatures and entities; it has been successfully used to kill demons, vampires and phoenixes.



CODE: HK8602

The Colt:  1:1 scale replica 

Material: Hand cast resin

Bullets:  13 hand cast resin

Box: Timber with gold symbol on top

SUPERNATURAL Demon Killing Colt with 13 bullets

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