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Mihawk sword, owner Dracule Mihawk from Japanee anime One Piece.

The sword, wielded from the Black Sword Kokuto Yoru, the strongest and sharpest sword in the One Piece world, has the ability to use it to slice up entire fleets of ships or giant masses of ice just by swinging his blade, making a powerful, long-range slice, he is also graceful with the blade enough to knock bullets and change their course with little effort and at great speed.


CODE: HK9477

Overall Length: 51.4 inches (130cm), Width: 40cm

Weight: 2.3kg

Length: 95cm

Blade Material: Carbon Steel, full gunmetal black

Handle: White Nylon Wrapped ornately-decorated handle.

Black leather like sheath with black belt.

This is a Replica of the sword in the anime One Piece, it is not a Licensed Product.

ONE PIECE - Dracule Mihawk Yoru's sword - Metal

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