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Rebellion is Dante's trademark magic sword. It is introduced in Devil May Cry 2 and appears The Rebellion sword is Dante's Devil May Cry series. Though it has the form of a standard claymore, it is a magical blade given to him as a keepsake from The Dark Knight Sparda, and it serves as both a physical manifestation of his power, and through its name, meaning "resistance", a symbol of his spirit. The blade's power originally laid dormant, but through contact with Dante's blood it was awakened.



Overall Length: 137cm

Material: Stainless Steel


Colour: Solid black and centered red lacquer finish with a cutout groove on both sides of the tip

Handle: The detailed guard 21.5X23.5cm, forms the Devil May Cry skull with bones and a ripple body with antiqued silver finish. The black steel slim handle 30cm, with crown pomme


Wooden Plaque: Round black wooden wall mount with red the Devil May Cry imprint

DEVIL MAY CRY - Dante's Rebellion

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    • Please be aware of your compliance with local and state laws to legally purchase sword, knife, dagger or axe.

    • We will not be responsible for any consequences of non-compliance.

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